Brian and Sally met some 10 years ago in the backroom of the local boozer at a music session and quickly discovered much common ground in musical tastes and a desire to make a beautiful sound

Developing their gentle yet powerful approach to songs old and new has been their work from that time til present day.

They blend their songs with stories and anecdotes in intimate, chatty sessions. DayLevel also offer corporate entertainment, with beautiful songs, which can introduce a thoughtful element to training sessions and conferences.

Amongst their musical influences are Nanci Griffiths, Isaac Guillory, Clive Gregson & Christine Collister, James Taylor and Mary Black. Daylevel are writing their own songs with haunting ballads such as ‘Candleflame’ musical retellings of local folktales and songs which tell new stories such as the Dance of Life. Candleflame can be heard recorded live at The Ironworks Oswestry.

Sally is an experienced storyteller, who has been using stories as a tool for literature, community and arts development for over 20 years. She has told stories in many contexts throughout the British Isles from Baby Clinics to retirement homes, wild hillsides to smoky back room bars. She lives in South Shropshire with her two youngish sons, plus two cats a hamster and some slugs!

Brian worked for many years as an Outdoor Activities Instructor before moving into the business world where he spent some of his time designing and running business games and simulations dealing with team and leadership issues. The singing has been around for many years, in the beginning with his brother’s band and later solo. He now considers himself ‘a working musician’. The joining up with Sally has proved the saying “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole” in truth, an absolute joy. He also lives in South Shropshire, and repairs things!